The dot and the i: Chris Paul (1.83), eager to play alongside the giant Wembanyama (2.24)

Chris Paul was presented in Saint Anthony as a new player of the Spurs and explained why a player like him, at his 39 years old and with 19 seasons in the NBA behind his back, he had chosen a team full of youngsters and that last season had a poor balance (22-60) instead of signing for another with whom he could win the ring that has eluded him throughout his career.

“There is nothing I like more than the opportunity to play, contribute and score”, said. He could have played closer to his home in the Los Angeles area, but he will rely on his loved ones to play in San Antonio: “My family is all. My wife is here, my kids are in Los Angeles and they will be there during the season. AND I love basketball so much that I could be close to home, but if I’m not playing, I’m not happy.

Respect and admiration for Gregg Popovich

Paul will play for the first time under the orders of Gregg Popovich, Spurs coach and living legend of the benches in the NBA, something that also motivates him: “It is an honor and a privilege to be able to play for him. Obviously, I have admired Pop from a distance for years, and when you’ve been doing this as long as he has, there’s a lot of respect. Not just because of his basketball IQ, but simply because of who he is as a person, as a competitor and all that.”

I’ve admired Pop from a distance for years… Not just because of his basketball IQ, but just because of who he is as a person, as a competitor and all that.

The point guard believes that the Spurs andIt is the team he has faced the most times in his 19-year career: “I don’t think there’s a team I’ve played more against.” And he is right, well He has played no less than 81 games against the Spurs between the regular league and the playoffs, the most he has played against any NBA team.

Now, at 39 years old, He joins a team that was the youngest in the league last season and which also has one of the most spectacular and media players today, Victor Wembanyama, current Rookie of the Year. Paul confessed that he and Harrison Barnesacquired by the Spurs from the Kings In a three-way exchange, they spoke during their flight to San Antonio to be introduced about how they are eager to see Of the flesh grow day by day. “I played against him this season and I tell you that There probably isn’t a player in the league that everyone talks about like they do about him. after the games,” Paul acknowledged. “Everyone has to adjust to certain things before him.”

I played against Wemby this season and I’ll tell you there’s probably no player in the league that everyone talks about like they do after games,” Paul acknowledged. “Everyone has to adapt to certain things against him.

Paul is also “excited” about what he can learn on a team with so many young players: “Probably the best thing about my career is that yes, I’ve been on some very young teams, but I’m constantly learning from these guys,” he said. “I had the opportunity to play with Shai [Gilgeous-Alexander ] in his second year in the league, and I had the opportunity to learn from him. Also from Devin [ Booker ], Mikal Bridges and all those boys. So I’m excited to share with these guys what I know and what they want to know, but I’m also excited to see what I can learn from them.”


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