The films of Esteso and Pajares, up for debate: “Dastardly humor”

EThis Wednesday, July 10, ‘Blood ties’ In his new broadcast he remembered two main figures of Spanish cinema during the 80s: Fernando Esteso and Andrés Pajares. This artistic duo collaborated on nine films, from 1979 to 1983, with recognizable titles such as ‘The bingueros’, ‘The energetic ones’ or ‘The liantes’.

A time that coincided in Spain with ‘The uncovering’, in which in many films the body of the performers stands out excessively even above the plot. This was one of the debates that arose on the set of Spanish Television and also through several interviews with different figures from the past and present.

Emma Ozoresdaughter of Mariano Ozores, director of many of these feature films, pointed out that “It was said that they were sexist films, but it was all very cute, since it was a man going after a girl in panties and a bra”. Something he also shared Martha Robleswho noted that Esteso and Pajares “deserve the recognition because they made people laugh with the humor of that time, and you cannot look at the past with the eyes of the present.”

However, the most widespread opinion was that of rejection of this type of tapes. Mirta Milleran actress of the time, acknowledged that she made films that she liked, although others were “horrible.” “On many occasions I refused, but I had to do some things like being naked or showing my breast. I suffered like crazy”added the interpreter.

Santiago Segura: “It was unintentional machismo”

For its part, Marta Nebot indicated that “women were objects of desire: or put** or vases with the goal of getting married or having relationships.” Gonzalo Miroa collaborator of the program, highlighted that it was a “humor casposo”although he blamed “society” for this type of products.

The filmmaker Santiago Segura assured that these films “They were totally sexist”. However, he also pointed to a society that “was not aware of the things that could perpetuate those roles.” “It was unintentional machismo, like a kind of feeding the hungry. Seen now it is ridiculous”highlighted the film director.


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