The footprint of ‘Kva’

Junto a Mamardashvilithere is no doubt that Khvicha Kvaratskhelia is the big star of Georgia. With 15 goals in 29 appearances for his country, the forward Naples was key for his country to participate in the Euro Cup. Five goals were born from his boots during the qualifying phase for the continental tournament, four goals and one assist, and a good part of the hopes of a nation that will debut in a championship of these characteristics are placed on him.

Now, already installed in Germany and with his debut against Georgia around the corner, the Georgian striker shows his feelings and remembers that his objective is not to go unnoticed in the Euro Cupthere is no doubt that he wants to leave his mark as he recognizes in an interview with

“Being part of such an important tournament was the biggest dream of every Georgian, and it was the happiest day for all of us when we achieved it. But we have not come here just to participate, we want to leave our mark on the Euro Cup, write a new page of history. We will do everything possible for it,” she declares.

Without a doubt, ‘Kva’ will be the leader of the team that directs Willy Sagnol from the band. The best player in Georgian football has the obligation to lead his team and provide that experience that very few teammates on his team have. “It is a very big responsibility, and I feel grateful when my work is appreciated. There are many Georgian footballers who could become the best player in the country, but each of us tries to be part of a team, and individual success is less important for us at this moment. We are very focused and we will do everything possible to succeed. For me it is a pleasure to play the game. Euro Cup They are unforgettable moments and emotions that we will remember for the rest of our lives,” he comments.

Being one of the teams with the least name in the tournament, ‘Kva’ is ambitious for the coming weeks and comments: “Our first objective, like probably that of any other team, is to get through the group stage, and we will do everything possible to achieve this. I hope that the match ends in our favor and that Let’s achieve our goal.”


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