The fortuitous entry of a security member that could leave Morata without the final

Álvaro Morata gave the scare of the night. And it wasn’t during the game. It was at the end, in full celebration for reaching the Euro Cup final. The captain of Spain He ended up limping on his knee after being hit by a security guard. who was trying to stop a spectator who had jumped onto the field.

It was a fortuitous blow but that could turn into a tragedy. For a few seconds the worst was feared… and, in the absence of medical evidence, it could be. Morata left with a good face minutes later, although he lay limping for a long time. The anecdote could leave no end to the man in charge of lifting the trophy in the event of victory on Sunday in Berlin.

While the players gathered together celebrating their place in the Euro Cup final, a fan wearing a Turkey shirt jumped onto the field to take a selfie with the Spanish. Several members of the stadium security jumped onto the field to stop him.

When a couple of them grabbed him from behind, a third, who came from the side, he slipped, taking Morata with himwhich did not fall, but which received the violent impact on the right leg.

Morata immediately put his hand on his knee, looking in disbelief at the man who had hit him and who, at that moment, apologized. After a few moments of tension, Morata began to limp, although then he began to walk a little better, with the security member apologizing to him.

It all seemed like a little scare. In principle. Because selection medical servicesAfter a first exploration, they do not rule out a serious injury.


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