The fun ‘pique’ between Susanna Griso and Carlos Alsina: “You are envious”

EThis Tuesday, July 9, ‘Public mirror’ has begun its first section reviewing the political and sporting news of this day, with the match between Spain and France in the semifinals of the Euro Cup as a great attraction. A week that is also one of farewells, since the main presenters of the different programs start their vacations.

In the case of Susanna Griso, host of ‘Espejo Público’their vacation period starts this Friday, so in this broadcast the last meeting between Carlos Alsina and the presenter. The protagonist of Onda Cero’s mornings has entered the television space live once again to start a conversation with the journalist.

In the farewell, Susanna Griso reminded him that “This is our last ‘chat’ or crossover of the season”. For Alsina, this is already more of a “twinning”. The communicator has pointed out that she now has to “rest and sleep” after many months of getting up early.

“I plan to do it and I’m sure you will too,” Carlos Alsina told him. For its part, Susanna Griso has confirmed that “when I get calm I’m not going to let go”. However, before saying goodbye definitively, the radio host asked the television when will you return from your vacation.

Susanna Griso to Alsina: “I knew you had to blame me”

The presenter will return to work at the end of August, although she will be on screen from September 2. “We’re tied on that, but if you leave a week early and we come back at the same time…”Carlos Alsina has dropped.

The fun 'pique' between Susanna Griso and Carlos Alsina:

“I knew you had to blame me. You’re a little envious about this vacation thing.”Susanna Griso replied. A comment that has been well received by the presenter of ‘More than one’, who has assured that “another year you have more vacations than me”in addition to confirming that “I am absolutely envious in this matter”.


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