The mayor of Marseille opposes the signing of Greenwood: “I don’t want my club to be filled with shame”

En this time of the transfer market, there are many rumors of departures and arrivals within the world of football. In recent days, the arrival of Mason Greenwood al Olympic of Marsella, after his great season at Getafe. It should be remembered that the English footballer was 18 months without playing since he was arrested and charged for three counts: attempted rape, assault and coercive and controlling behavior. Finally, On July 2, 2023, all charges were droppedand was able to enjoy the playing field again.

The mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payan has categorically rejected the arrival of Mason Greenwood to the French clubsince in the past he was accused of domestic violence and sexual assault even though the charges have been dropped: “Greenwood’s behavior is indescribable, unacceptable. Hitting his wife… I saw images that impacted me deeply.

Massacring his wife in this way is unworthy of a man and I think he cannot have his place on this team

Benoît Payan, mayor of Marseille

The mayor of the city will personally ask the president of the club, Pablo Longoria who do not sign Greenwoodclaiming that “I don’t want my club to be filled with shame” since he also highlights that The values ​​of Olympique de Marseille “are anything but racism and anti-Semitism“, adding that the entity “is more than a club”, and that There is no place “for those who commit these types of crimes.”

I don’t want my club to be filled with shame

Benoît Payan, mayor of Marseille on the possible arrival of Mason Greenwood to Olympique de Marseille

Pablo Longoria and De Zerbi avoid extra-sports

The Italian coach He was clear when he was asked about Greenwood’s possible arrival at Olympique de Marseille, highlighting his football level and ensuring that does not know the past of English: I don’t know exactly what happened, I don’t like to interfere in the private lives of the players.” Likewise, he concluded that “Once a player signs for the club I work for, he becomes my son.”. “I protect my players through thick and thin.”

I don’t know exactly what happened, I don’t like to interfere in the private lives of the players.

Roberto de Zerbi, coach of Olympique de Marseille on Mason Greenwood’s past

Pablo Longoria also wanted to avoid the non-sports issue, claiming that “I don’t get involved in social issues.” For his part, he wanted to remember that he himself wanted the Olympique de Marseille has been involved in many issues where football has its place, such as education, women’s and amateur football.: “For a year and a half we have launched a social program that is one of the largest in Europe, the 13th Man program, it is a personal idea.”


Division of opinion among fans

In a club that has launched many social programs since 2016, among the fans of Olympique de Marseille there are two points of view on social networks regarding the arrival of Greenwood to the French club. On the one hand, there are those who Because of his past, he should never wear the club’s shirt. On the other hand, another sector believes that teveryone has the right to a second chanceconsidering, like its president, Pablo Longoria, that “it is a market opportunity for OM”, and everything seems to indicate that the Spaniard is determined to take advantage of it.


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