The most personal side of Cucurella: an influencer girlfriend, large family…

DBehind a great footballer, there is a very sacrificed life from a very early age to which family, partner and friends have had to adapt. Marc Cucurella’s rise was meteoric. His season at Eibar led to him being picked up and sold by Barcelona. At Getafe, with Bordalás he found a commendable level. He went from Brighton to Chelsea, to become one of the best left-backs in the Premier League. The National Team and this Euro Cup have ended up being the prize.

Claudia Rodríguez, his partner: influencer, ballet dancer, fashion designer…

His signing for the ‘Blues’ caused the family to move to England to lead a new life. The first to accompany him was Claudia Rodríguez, his partner. This well-known influencer is also a fashion designer and ballet dancer, in her free time. He was also born in Barcelona as Marc and has been supporting him throughout the Euro Cup. His intention is to create a personal brand to fully enter the world of fashion.

On Instagram he currently has 55,500 followers. In the latest images you can see him along with his three little ones and Cucurella celebrating passing the different rounds of the Euro Cup. Just as he has attended Germany, he tries not to miss many of his boy’s games at Chelsea.

The most personal side of Cucurella: large family, an influencer girlfriend...

Marc Cucurella and a large family

The most personal side of Cucurella: large family, an influencer girlfriend...

For quite some years now, Claudia Rodríguez has not been the only one who is part of her family. The left back has had three children with his partner. In 2019, Mateo, the couple’s eldest and first child, was born. In 2021, they had Rio, while just a year ago, Bella, the couple’s first girl, was born. The five live their daily lives in London, except when they travel to Barcelona, ​​headquarters of the campus that has organized the ’24’ of the National Team.


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