The most personal talk between Carla Pereyra and Cholo: “Since we met, we have not separated”

The Atlético de Madrid coach and his wife Carla Pereyra They form one of the most recognized couples in the world of sports in Spain. On this occasion they star on the new cover of Vanity Fair magazine and have awarded a joint interview in which they reveal some of their secrets for the stability they have achieved as a couple. They have been together for 10 years, five as married, and they have two girls in common, Francesca, seven years old, and Valentina, four years old. In addition, Simeone has had time to talk about the twelve years he has been the coach of Atlético de Madrid.

Necessary periods of disconnection

The couple has just returned from a trip to South Africa with their two daughters. We are just a few days away from the start of the preseason and Cholo has to return to work, but he admits that these stretches of vacation between seasons are very necessary: ​​”I always think that each season leaves positive and negative things, things to grow and things to improve , and An important period begins, which is that of rest.


Carla agrees, it is important that everyone has their duties and remains active, but always seeking a balance with personal and family life: “The free time he may have, to take care of us and strengthen us, and continue each one with their role and obligations. We both have our projects, but it is about seek a balance. In that sense, I think we understand each other very well.”

Love arose from the first moment

“Since we met, we have not been separated”declares Carla Pereyra, although she admits that the beginnings were something very different, especially due to the distance between them: “It is not so much the beginning of the relationship as when we started talking, because with football at the beginning we didn’t see each other as much, and we talked a lot on the phone. And there arose a complicity, an understanding, a communication that we have continued to nurture until today. But at the beginning we had in common being Argentine: the culture, the language, the humor, the music… I always say that Diego is the funniest person I know.” Diego receives the compliment and returns it, but in a more concise: “I would have to spend two days explaining everything that attracts me to her.”

Finding stability in a world like football

Los they have been a couple for ten years They are not easy in the world in which they work, full of travel and long periods in which they have to endure not being together: “We have been fortunate to have had a stable job in something as unstable as football. Having had the opportunity as a coach to have this family stability is something that has given us a lot as people.” That stability has benefited from Cholo also having it in his job, in which he has been doing it for 12 consecutive seasons.

Stay together in difficult times

Simeone loves the club and feels that he has always been highly valued within it, something he greatly appreciates: “The only way to remain stable in such a demanding job is to unconditional support from the people around you”. It also has a lot to do with “a wonderful family”, who is always on the side of the Atleti coach, in good times and bad. In those moments when things have not gone as well as could be expected, the club has always been positive and has rowed with him to right the course, he acknowledges: “I have had a club that has always valued me and has accompanied me at all timesbeyond the results we have been able to give, to build everything we have built.


Together in Atleti’s solidarity projects

Simeone and Carla Pereyra recently starred alongside their two daughters in a new edition of the Atlético Foundation’s food collection campaign -of which Pereyra is an ambassador-, in which the family is usually actively involved.

“When life has given you so much, I feel like I have a social responsability. I come from a very normal, humble, hard-working, middle-class family. And, together with him, we believe that we have this commitment and this social responsibility,” declares Carla. Simeone adds that the couple’s desire is to help as much as possible while it is in their hands, since if they can help why not do it. “It’s about giving back part of what we have received”concludes the Argentine.

Girls, protagonists of the only routine they maintain as a couple

Simeone’s work does not allow too many licenses when it comes to organizing plans or routine activities, but there is one that they always carry out together: “The only fixed routine we maintain during the season, taking the girls to school, above all else”points out Carla, to which Simeone adds: “And collect them.”


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