The photo of the unity of Spanish football in “a new stage of stability and development”

ESpanish football met this Tuesday at the Las Rozas Soccer Cityheadquarters of the Real spanish soccer federation (RFEF). The Football Coordination Committee, with Javier Tebas, Beatriz Álvarez and Pedro Rochapresidents of LaLiga, Liga F and the RFEF, met with the presence of some regional presidents.

It is an image of unity, of reaffirmation of a new stage and new relationships between the protagonists of Spanish football. Later, LaLiga and the RFEF issued the same note, in which they talk about “climate of absolute cordiality and cooperation” and a “new stage of stability and development” in the Federation.

“Spanish football works together and in a climate of absolute cordiality and cooperation, which is allowing progress in this sport in an effective, efficient and responsible manner. The institutional strength of this sport is confirmed by the excellent sporting results, embodied today in the matches that the Spanish team is playing in this Euro Cup.

The message of unity and collaboration of these main actors in this sport has been clear and has allowed us to visualize, once again, how the RFEF is in a new stage of stability and development, in the best of possible climates for football. in this country”read the notes from both institutions.


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