The pinch of discord: Daniel Muñoz reacts by elbowing him… and goes out into the street

El Uruguay-Colombia It didn’t surprise anyone. Sparks flew from the first moment with a ticket to the final of the Copa América at stake and Daniel Muñoz burned. Near the break, the Colombian full-back was pinched by Ugarte and reacted badly. He was already reprimanded and took justice into his own hands by unleashing an elbow that cost him the second yellow card.

Daniel Muñoz, one of the sensations of the tournament, fell into the trap. Ugarte pinched him, something that did not entail any sanction, and the Crystal Palace full-back responded wrongly. When he realized what he had created, he showed the supposed mark that the Uruguayan had left to the referee, but it was of no use.

Daniel Muñoz couldn’t believe it. Colombia was left with ten and the defender will not play his team’s last game in this Copa América.


Davide Piano

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