The pineapple, the group, the family… De la Fuente knows how to use all of his people

Family, pineapple, group… the message has been repeated over and over again since the concentration began on June 1 at the Las Rozas Soccer City. He has made an impact and what is now beyond any doubt is that the footballer who is not a starter also knows that his opportunity can appear at any time. They are showing it and what is better, they are taking advantage of it, just as happened against Germany.

Throughout the week before the match against the host, Dani Olmo was expected to be in the starting eleven, but in the end De la Fuente He leaned towards the option of giving continuity to Pedri. Unfortunately the injury of the azulgrana made it possible for the Catalan to enter, who was the player around whom a large part of Spain’s game revolved during the rest of the match, with the culmination of the goal and the subsequent assist.

Goal by Dani Olmo (2-0) in Spain 3-3 Brazil

Dani Olmo and Merino, the examples

Nacho, Ferran, Oyarzabal, Merino and Joselu entered after Olmo. Everyone contributed, everyone added and demonstrated something that coaches have increasingly internalized is that with five changes, the one who comes in can be equally or more decisive than the one who leaves as a starter. Merino was the scorer of the goal, but the rest also knew how to do their job at every moment of the game.

De la Fuente, far from a pose and although he clearly has his 14 or 15 players that he counts on most, knows that his mission is to feel respected by everyone so that in a moment they appear and are definitive. “This group is impressive and will go down in history. They have already gone down in history. They are an example, they are insatiable, they want to continue winning, to have options to achieve important things. It is a pride for me to lead them. My only merit is that I know them very well and I know that they will not fail me. Others will choose other players, but I choose these who I know they won’t let me down. We may win or not, but we will be proud of it.”

The goals of Spain 3-0 Norway

Joselu, the best example

His first game as a coach was the perfect example of this. He makes his debut for Joselu in the 81st minute and the forward takes the opportunity to score the two goals that sealed the victory against Norway. In the semifinal of the Nations League against Italy, it is once again Joselu who appears to seal the passage to the final and he does so by appearing from the bench.

Against Scotland in La Cartuja it was Sancet the one who appeared to score, leaving Spain’s move to the german quote along with Morata’s goal. Already in the Euro Cup it has been Dani Olmo on two occasions and Merino who have known how to take advantage of the opportunity to play a few minutes to be decisive.


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