The places in Spain that will be uninhabitable in 2050

EIt is one of the warnings that has been repeated the most over time. Global temperature continues to rise and could become one of the most worrying phenomena for the survival of human beings in a few years. It is a problem that, at the moment, due to the geographical location of Spain, does not hit us fiercely, but Extreme heat is one of the least controllable causes of death for humans.

NASA, aware that this problem does not seem to be resolved in the coming years, has carried out an investigation in order to raise awareness among the population. Using data from the Multi-Country Multi-City Collaborative Research Network (MCC), has analyzed daily deaths and maximum temperatures in 750 locations in 43 countries. The results contain worrying data for Spain.

Madrid, Valencian Community and Andalusia, the most affected areas of Spain

According to the NASA study, these three communities are going to be the ones that will have the most problems in the future due to extreme heat. According to the research, They could have up to three consecutive months of 35 ºC or more in the year 2050. At least, and as a positive part when compared to the rest of the cities analyzed, these areas are not as humid and, therefore, the thermal sensation is much lower.

To obtain these conclusions, the study has been based on a thermal index called the thermal bulb. According to NASA, “measures our ability to cool ourselves by sweating in hot and humid conditions, and predicts whether these conditions may be dangerous or fatal to our health.”

NASA's harsh warning: these places in Spain will be uninhabitable in 2050

Measures to deal with extreme heat

  • Drink water frequently

  • Eat foods with high water content

  • Dress in light clothing

  • Avoid direct sun exposure

  • Shower or bathe with fresh water

  • Visit swimming pools or places with water


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