The Prince of Peace is born to us among the rubble of war

Journalist Mario Alcudia remembers the more than 20,000 people already killed in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of this confrontation
This week, through the excellent work of our colleagues from La Tarde de COPE, with Fernando de Haro at the helm, we have witnessed the very difficult situation that is being experienced in the Land of the Lord these days. The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Cardinal Pizzaballa, remembered in these microphones the more than 20,000 people who have already died in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of this confrontation. He was referring in a special way to the death of two women, Naheda and Samar, murdered by snipers next to the parish of the Holy Family, just a week ago, converted into a kind of refugee camp with more than 750 people, whose parish priest As you have probably heard, the Pope maintains constant contact to follow first-hand what is happening and convey his closeness and solidarity to this small Catholic community. The cardinal also recalled that these days all public events have been renounced in a context of war and a lot of pain for everyone. It will be a low-key Christmas, wounded by so much pain, with only liturgical celebrations to commemorate the most important event for Christians, the birth of Jesus. In the face of this Christmas of mourning and pain that the Holy Land will experience without pilgrims, without celebrations, torn Because of the war, the Pope invokes the closeness of all of us, which we express in prayer and in concrete help, because as Francis said on his social networks these days, “we do not want to leave you alone. The suffering of Bethlehem is an open wound for the entire world. “The help that comes to them from all over the world, together with the prayers of all of us that the Pope conveys to them, says Father Gabriel Romanelli, fills a community with strength and hope. community that, in times of war, remains more united than ever. He also says that in the celebration of each Eucharist, in the silence of Adoration or in the recitation of the Rosary, they try to put their hearts in the things of heaven and for each bomb that resonates, they raise a prayer to God to welcome the souls. of those poor victims. This Christmas, we ask the Child Jesus who will be born again, under the rubble of the punished land of the West Bank, as the Prince of Peace, to give us the Peace that can only come to us from Above.


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