The semi-automatic offside comes but in the Second Division it will have to wait a year

Semi-automatic offside will be implemented in Spanish football starting with the new season, which begins on August 15. The RFEF approved this measure this Tuesday, with the introduction of an extra change for concussion cases. This regulationwhich came into effect on July 1, seeks to improve player safety, in accordance with the provisions of the IFAB.

The integration of semi-automatic offsidealready tested with success in the Euro Cup, It will only be available in PrimeraDivision. However, in Second it will be incorporated for the 2025/26 campaign.

With respect to additional change due to concussion, must be approved by the referee and once the problem has been detected in the affected player, said change can be made.

Union in Las Rozas

The Soccer City of Las Rozas has been the scene of a meeting this Tuesday between Pedro Rochapresident of the RFEF; Javier Tebaspresident of LaLiga; Beatriz Alvarezpresident of League F; and the territorial presidents. The purpose of the meeting between these leaders of Spanish football was work together “in a climate of absolute cordiality and cooperation” to advance the future of football in Spain “effectively, efficiently and responsibly.”

The RFEF ends its statement stating that “the message of unity and collaboration of these main actors in this sport has been clear and “has allowed us to see how the RFEF is in a new stage of stability and development.”


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