The shameful Uruguay-Colombia fight from within: “Not with the family, not with the family”

Ehe great semi-final match America Cup in between Colombia and Uruguay It ended in the background due to the embarrassing fight between Colombian fans and La Celeste players at the end of the match.

Hours pass and more videos appear about what happened from the stands, as is the case of what was recorded by the content creatorQC Report. In the images from a closer shot you can hear the Uruguayan player Mathias Olivera tell the Colombian fans: “Not with family, not with family.”

But that did not prevent the beatings, insults and throwing of bottles between the Colombian soccer players and fans, which produced panic in the stands.

Giménez, after the brawl: “It’s a shame, stop drinking whiskey! Our family ran for

Let us remember that relatives of the Uruguayan soccer players were where the incident occurred, according to ‘El País’ of Montevideo. One of those who spoke out was José María Giménez.

“I hope that those who are organizing this are a little more careful with the families, with the people and with the surroundings of the stadiums. It is a complete disaster. The same thing happens every game. Our families suffer because of some who are They have two sips of alcohol, of whiskey. I hope this doesn’t happen again,” he declared.

Following the incident, CONMEBOL issued a statement “strongly condemning any act of violence that affects football.”

“There is no place for intolerance and violence on and off the field. We invite everyone in the remaining days to pour all their passion into cheering on their teams and have an unforgettable party,” they said.


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