The Spanish beaches where you are most likely to encounter a shark

CWith the arrival of summer, the beaches throughout Spain fill up to enjoy the water and beat the heat in the best way possible. However, and although in our country it is unlikely to suffer an attack, it is it is very possible to encounter a shark in some area of ​​the Spanish coasts. Cuatro’s ‘Tiempo al tiempo’ program analyzed which beaches you should keep an eye on.

Mario Picazo, presenter of the space, explained that there are certain beaches in Spain that are more prone and that, it seems, sharks are attracted to them for different reasons. Thus, over the next few months, anyone visiting these areas must assume certain precautions to avoid risk of encountering a shark.

He list of beaches where it is likely to spot a shark are: Martinenca, Maricel and Marjal beaches in Tarragona; Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca, in Balearics; Patacona beach and Las Arenas beach in Valencia; Arenales Beach and Tabarca Island in Alicante; Calahonda and Mamola beach in Granada; Tenerife and Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands; and in the Ría de Vigo in Galicia.

Types of sharks and what to do if you encounter one

According to the program, the Spanish coasts are home to 45 different species, something that extends to 80 throughout the Mediterranean. Among the best known are the white, basking, mako or blue sharks. In the area closest to Galicia, for example, there are others such as the giant hammerhead or the blue shark.

Among Mario Picazo’s most important tips in case of encountering a shark, he revealed that one of the most important is to avoid splashing, as well as to carry out smooth movements backward. Added to this is the fact of giving way to the shark, calming down as much as possible and, as surprising as it may seem, caress his nose It can help the shark calm down.


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