The triumph of Emma Navarro, the billionaire tennis player with more money than Federer, Nadal and Djokovic combined

La Billionaire heiress Emma Navarro won 6-4 and 6-1 Naomi Osaka (which is still out of the top 100 after being number 1 in the world) in 59 minutes on the center court of Wimbledon.

The 2021 NCAA champion with the University of Virginia is currently the seventeenth best player in the WTA rankingand has at least reached the third round of the three Grand Slams played so far this season.

Navarro will meet the Russian in the next round Diana Schneiderwho defeated Sloane Stephen.

Emma Navarro: 1 million in earnings from tennis… and 1.2 billion in inheritance

Emma Navarro, who is 23 years old and This season he adds 1,074,546 dollars in profitsis the daughter of millionaire American tycoon Ben Navarro.

Forbes magazine has valued the fortune of Ben Navarro, son of famous American football coach Frank Navarroin 1.2 billion dollars…More than the fortunes of Roger Federer (550 million), Novak Djokovic (240 million) y Rafa Nadal (220 million) together.

How did Ben Navarro get his fortune?

Ben, Emma Navarro’s father and a great tennis fan (he has bought the Western & Southern Open), made his fortune by creating Sherman Group (specializing in credit cards and debt collection) in 1998 and Credit One.

Tennis has provided a place for our children to learn a work ethic, develop friendship through shared struggle, and learn to handle disappointment, defeat, and sometimes even injustice.

Ben Navarro

“As a fan, father and businessman, tennis has brought a lot to our family. Youth tennis has provided a place for our children to learn a work ethic, develop friendship through shared struggle and learn to handle disappointment, defeat and, sometimes, even injustice,” Ben Navarro explained to ‘The Post and Courier’ in 2019.

Emma Navarro defends her work in tennis despite her privileged position: “I have worked a lot”

Emma Navarro, who defines her father as “the smartest guy I know”, defends her career in the world of tennis despite her economic privileges during her training: “The results and classification in the WTA is not something that comes easily… Although it seems like I arrived overnight, I have worked hard over the years.

“As soon as I was old enough and strong enough to hold a racket, I was on the tennis court with my father and brothers,” the emerging American tennis player revealed to the ‘Charleston Mag’.


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