The truth about Colombia’s viral ‘La India’: he is not in the Copa América, visa, operations, his pens…

Sand reveals the truth about Wendy SanchezThe popular fan from Colombia who has become world famous for his feather attire to cheer on the coffee team.

The popular ‘La India de Colombia’ could not travel to the United States to cheer on Colombia in the Copa América due to problems with his visa and his viral interview, which went around the world, is from a national team tournament in September 2023.

“If they give me the visa, I’ll go away to accompany my soul team,” Wendy Sánchez acknowledged in the microphones of ‘W Day’.

Wendy Sánchez, ‘La India de Colombia’: “I had breast surgery and liposuction”

Regarding her physique ‘La India de Colombia’, which has more than 271,000 followers on Instagram, she revealed that “the truth is, I go to the gym a lot, I also had surgery, but I am very judicious with my diet, I always try to eat healthy things to maintain figure. I had breast surgery and liposuction.

Wendy Sánchez on the day she went viral in 2023: “I am psychology students”

In her viral interview with Fredy Arciniegas from ‘El Deportivo’, media Wendy Sánchez explained that “I am a psychology student, I am 24 years old and I really like the Colombian team.”

“I had this plumage from a photo shoot… and I risked wearing it to a national team match. I didn’t think it would attract so much attention.” If she could send a message to a player from the Colombian national team, the young woman would send it “to James Rodríguez, he’s a daddy,” she said after a South American Qualifying match for the 2026 World Cup that Colombia won against Venezuela (1-0). ) at the Metropolitan Stadium of Barranquilla in September 2023.


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