The widow of a deceased Premier player denounces his bigamy in “The footballer, his wife and the accident”

LThe widow of a former Premier League star revealed in a Netflix documentary that the footballer led a secret double life and married another woman.

Jlloyd Samuelwho played in Aston Villa y Bolton Wanderers, He died in 2018 at the age of 37 after suffering a traffic accident in which his Range Rover collided with a van after dropping his children off at school.

Despite being born in Trinidad and Tobago, Samuel grew up in London, where Charlton Athletic signed him for their youth teams, a club from which he moved to Aston Villa in 2007.

After nine years with the ‘Villains’, the Trinidadian spent a season on loan at Gillingham before playing four seasons at Bolton Wanderers.

In his years in the Premier League he played 240 games, scoring two goals.

This is how Emma Pritchard discovered that Jlloyd Samuel had a double life with the singer Helia Sahimi

Emma Pritchard, wife of Jlloyd Samuel, has revealed in the documentary ‘The Footballer, His Wife and the Crash’ that the deceased footballer had a double life.

The widow explains in the Netflix documentary that Jlloyd Samuel had “a double life” in a Middle Eastern country with a second wife, whom he married in 2013, having converted to Islam for her.

About four weeks after Jlloyd died, a friend told me that he had something to tell me… That Jlloyd has another wife, another woman, and she just appeared on Instagram as his wife

Emma Pritchard

“About four weeks after Jlloyd died, a friend told me that he had something to tell me… That Jlloyd has another wife, another woman, and she just appeared on Instagram as his wife. I threw up everywhere. I said, let me look at Instagram and I looked and said ‘Oh my God’… It was a stab to the heart,” he recalls.

The two women even met while Pritchard was on a trip to Dubai, but the second wife presented herself as a fortune teller.

“I’m trying to grieve my husband’s death and then I find out he’s had a completely different life for seven years. He’s never asked me for a divorce. Who is my husband? Do I really know him?” Emma Pritchard asks in the documentary film.

The second wife was singer Helia Sahimi, who referred to Jlloyd Samuel as “the best husband she could have asked for.”

Jlloyd Samuel’s family thought that the footballer was alive and that his wife faked his death for a scam

Leslie-Ann Samuelsister of Jlloyd Samuel, reported in 2019 that they believed that Jlloyd Samuel was not at the wheel of the car that crashed and caught fireand that the alleged death of the international footballer with England in lower categories It could be a scam by Emma (Samuel’s wife) to collect from insurance companies.

Leslie-Ann Samuel and family They reported that the authorities did not allow them to carry out their own DNA tests on the burned corpse of Jlloyd Samuel (who was identified by his teeth and x-rays) to ensure his death.

The footballer’s sister published messages on social networks as if Jlloyd Samuel were alive: “Jlloyd, we will see you soon, in this life”, “Jlloyd brother, we know that you are alive and well” or “Jlloyd we know that the DNA that the pathologist is not your DNA… 100%… Lies”.


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