They analyze who is the sexiest player in Spain in the Euro Cup according to the golden ratio

Cwhere the Euro Cup semi-final in mind, the players of Spain They are focused on the game they will play tonight against France. However, in the meantime, Ticketgum has done an exhaustive analysis using the golden ratio to determine which players are the sexiest in the tournament.

In this way, even though Serbia has taken first place in the list of sexiest teams, ahead of Italy and Turkey, Fabián Ruiz has managed to sneak into third position in the top 5 of the sexiest players at Euro 2024 only behind the Turkish Mert Müldür and the Polish Taras Romanczuk.

  1. Mert Müldür – Defense – Türkiye
  2. Taras Rmanczuk – Centrocampista – Polonia
  3. Fabián Ruiz – Midfielder – Spain
  4. Strahinja Pavlovic – Defense – Serbia
  5. Flavius ​​Daniliuc – Defense – Austria

List of the sexiest Spanish players at Euro 2024

Yes, it is already clear Who is the sexiest player in Spain at Euro 2024?, but… who completes the list? The Sevillian is followed Jesús Navas, Robin Le Normand, Álex Grimaldo and Álvaro Morata.

However, they also complete the top 10 Daniel Vivian in sixth position, the recently injured Rodri in seventh place, Dani Olmo is placed eighth, Unai Simon in 9th place and Ferran Torres close the list.

  1. Fabian Ruiz
  2. Jesus Navas
  3. Robin Le Normand
  4. Alex Grimaldo
  5. Álvaro Morata
  6. Daniel Vivian
  7. Rodri
  8. Dani Olmo
  9. Unai Simon
  10. Ferran Torres

How the sexiest Eurocup players have been analyzed

Ticketgum collected the image of more than 600 players and, with a strict photographic filter to avoid differences between photographs, used an algorithm that identified prominent facial features. In this way they were able determine facial geometric proportion and, through this, the percentage of similarity with the golden geometric ratio.


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