They reveal the great salaries of the RFEF during the period of Luis Rubiales

El Confidencial has revealed the high salaries of the directors of the Spanish Football Federation during the Luis Rubiales era. Tomás González Cueto, advisor to the Federation, has sent a letter to court number 4 of Majadahonda in which he recounts everything that the federation directors earned between 2018 and 2023.

González Cueto had a salary of 240,000 euros when he entered the Federation and wanted with this letter to show the judge that the rest of the directors had a salary similar to or greater than his own. Specifically, the one who earned the most was the general secretary Andreu Camps with 338,000 euros per yearwhile Albert Luque, sports director, earned 310,000 euros.

Vice President Elvira Andrés (300,000 euros), the person responsible for the general secretariat of the RFEF on a day-to-day basis, Alfredo Olivares (290,000 euros) and his right hand Emilio Herrero (270,000) They were the other managers who had a higher salary and were in charge of the main operations.

José María Timón (220,000),Miguel García Caba (210,000) and, finally, the director of the Legal Department, Pedro González Segura, who earned 190,000 euros These were other salaries of RFEF executives that Cueto revealed in the letter.


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