This is how the Santiago Bernabéu prepares for the Ibai Llanos Year 4 Evening

EIn less than four days the biggest event of the year for the creation of Spanish-speaking content and possibly also the world. The Ibai Llanos Year 4 Evening will be held this coming Saturday July 13 starting at 4:30 p.m. Spanish peninsular time and the streamer promises break all records possible, the first of them that of audience on Twitchwhich he precisely achieved in last year’s edition of the streamers’ boxing evening, reaching a maximum of 3.5 million viewers simultaneous on the purple platform.

As we said, it is very possible that the river managed to reunite again millions of peopleyes he has devised a totally spectacular eventboth in the purely sporting and in the part of the show. This year the Evening of the Year returns with the essence of the event, with some of the greatest creators of our community fighting in the ring, but also adds two new formats, the first the 2vs2 female among the Mexicans Alana and Amablitz and the Spanish Zeling y Nissaxter and the second the ‘king of the track’ that will face diez streamers in an ‘all against all’ that will be played 1vs1 that will be They will renew every minute.

This is how the Bernabéu looks for the Year 4 Evening

But to this is added a artists poster totally spectacular, worthy of the best festivals in the world, since at the Basque event they will perform David Bisbal, Anuel AA, Nicky Jam, Julieta Venegas, Paulo Londra, Bizarrap and Young Miko. Well, as if all this were not enough, the Year 4 Evening will be celebrated nothing more and nothing less in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium two days before the historic presentation of Mbappé. The streamer has managed to fill one of the most important stadiums in the world that anda is preparing to host the biggest event on the entire internet.

This is the Santiago Bernabéu three days before the Year 4 EveningTikTok / juanjo_guerrero14

As we already know, the new Santiago Bernabeu It is a masterpiece of engineering, so visually Ibai will have a lot of elements at his disposal to show off. A few days away from the big event, the stadium is already preparing to receive Ibai, the fighters and the more than 80,000 people who will attend the appointment. The user of TikTok juanjo_guerrero14 showed us the progress in the Bernabéu assembly and we have been able to see how, in addition to the fact that there is no grass, in the midfield a was beginning to be set up platform on which the ring will go, and from the size we sense that something else is around it. In addition, all the sound elements such as speakersalthough they still need to be hung.

Order of combats and performances of the Year 4 Evening

  • musical performance by Julieta Venegas
  • Fight between Agustín51 and Carrera
  • musical performance by Paulo London
  • Fight between Win and La Cobra
  • musical performance by Young Miko
  • 2vs2 female between Amablitz and Alana and Nissaxter and Zeling
  • musical performance by David Bisbal
  • Fight between Viruzz y Shelao
  • musical performance by Will Smith (with surprises)
  • King of the Track: Roberto Cein – Peldaños – Alpo Geo – Unicornio – Folagor – Skain – Karchez – Cezar Blue – Peliganger – Will.
  • musical performance by Bizarrap
  • Fight between The Mariana and Plex
  • musical performance by Anuel AA


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