Tom Brady confesses: “I lost my joy, I don’t know what the hell happened to me”

Chen we have all praised, actively and passively, Tom Brady and his extensive and successful career in the NFL, it has been the protagonist himself who has surprised us by acknowledging errors and imperfections. The former player of the Tampa Buccaneers was the latest guest on “The Pivot Podcast” with Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder, where he opened up talking about the extreme methodology that sometimes became obsessive:

“What would have changed would have been the seriousness with which I began to take things, but above all the game. I still love him, that’s evident, and it makes me a little envious when I see young people like Patrick Mahomes, go out to enjoy, go out into the countryside laughing. “I used to be like that and I don’t know what the hell happened to me.”

Like the rest of the Patriots of the mid-2010s under Bill Belichick, Brady often seemed to be subject to a strict tactical and technical discipline that did not allow him to show his most cheerful game: “At times we seemed like robots,” commented the former NFL player. “We didn’t allow ourselves a gesture, a grimace, we never joked with each other.”

It makes me a little envious when I see young people like Patrick Mahomes

Tom Brady speaking to “The Pivot Podcast”

A new, happier life

If there is something that Brady cannot be blamed for, it is his competitiveness. He was the leader inside and outside the locker room. and in all those locker rooms he passed through he left his mark. Known for his intensity when saying things to his colleagues’ faces, like that day when destroyed one tablet against the floor or yelled in a classmate’s face.

That same intensity will be what he will have to continue putting into practice when narrating games, since the seven-time Super Bowl champion will be the protagonist, now on the microphone, for the next season: “Now I have to first learn to recover that joy that I lost and enjoy this new phase of life a little more,” Brady said.

He will soon turn 47 years old and must keep looking for balance between the life that he left on the grass, and that will no longer return, and this new world of possibilities that opens wide to him: “I have been waiting my whole life to fulfill the expectations that people had of me and, although I was always that 14-year-old boy excited about this sport, Now I have many other things“.

After his retirement in 2022, and after 23 years as a professional, Brady remains on the crest of the wave thanks to a super contract as an NFL analyst on the league’s official channel, for the next 10 yearsand for which you will charge a total of 375 million dollars. One of his last public appearances in which we saw Tom Brady was at the Patriots Hall of Fame presentation ceremony, where he also They retired their mythical number 12.


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