UFC: Ilia Topuria sets fire to her face to face with Volkanovski: “I called him a dwarf”

A two months until the fight to settle the featherweight champion in the UFC, Ilia Topuria Keep adding fuel to the fire. just ten days ago he saw faces with Volkanovski, starring in a tremendously tense moment. To talk about it and everything related to his rival, Topuria went to the TV channel. YouTube of Wall Street Wolverine.

There, the fighter left several incendiary phrases. Assuring again and again that he has no doubt about his victory. “I do not wish on anyone what is going to happen to February 17“, se jact.

After the fight I won’t know how to pronounce the word ‘March’

Ilia Topuria, UFC fighter

Ilia Topuria: “I want to fight at the Santiago Bernabu, it is a legendary place”Chema Rey

Afterwards, the content creator asked him about an episode of confrontation with the Australian and his height. “I called him dwarf. She had been saying things about me for a long time. After the fight I won’t know how to pronounce the word ‘March’“.

The fighter of Spanish and Georgian origin also emphasized the little attention he pays to his opponent’s words. Something sensible, then The exchange of statements between now and the big evening is only going to increase.


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