UFC: McGregor challenges Pacquiao… while he despairs at the UFC: “He owes me eight million…”

Lto great global history of the UFC in 2024 to be the return of Conor McGregor. The fighter who took MMA to another level, the one who drew the story of going from nothing to everything. He also called him a “loudmouth” because he felt it and the one who challenged the totem of boxing. But the reality is that a lot has already happened since July 11, 2021 and that very serious injury to Dustin Poirier in his trilogy. He doesn’t come back and patience runs out.

“Give me something. Initially it was supposed to be in April. “Before, it was supposed to be in December,” Conor recalled. April was that UFC 300 for which ‘Notorious’ himself and his team are pressing. December would have broken many schemes. One did not occur and another remains to be confirmed. The reality is that McGregor is in the pools, but not in those of the UFC, which remains silent.

Michael Chandler to close that The Ultmate Fighter. A Nate Díaz to close a historic duel. Many options, although none closed. “I’m waiting. Waiting. And waiting. “Patience runs out,” McGregor confessed in Arabia. He wants to fight, He repeats that it is his way of living. But he doesn’t get it.

My patience is running out

Conor McGregor

The dream return will be in that UFC 300 that is already starting to move. Some like lex Pereira, double champion, want to run in the heavyweights. Others like Islam Makhachev, one of the world’s pound for pound, have more doubts about Ramadan. But McGregor will change everything. The best tribute to the company’s record-breaking pay-per-view man.

Pacquiao owes me eight million. I hired my representation agency and did not pay the fees

Conor McGregor

And if it doesn’t happen? Because of course, it is the other option. Delay the return as much as possible to clear up doubts (many were related to McGregor’s absence from anti-doping programs). What other way is there? Conor draws one: “How will you see a boxing match with Manny [Pacquiao] here in Saudi Arabia? He should go up to my weight, it’s his sport. And he owes me 8 million for a lawsuit. “He signed for my representation company… and did not pay his fees,” the Irishman closed. Look for a fight. Even against a retired boxing legend.


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