Why Mbappé plays without a mask

Mbappé is playing the Euro Cup semi-finals between Spain and France without a mask. The player broke his nose in the first match of the tournament against Austria and has since played with a protector in all remaining matches.

As you have been able to know BRAND, The French player has asked the doctors of the French expedition to play without a mask since he does not feel comfortable with it. With the OK from the French doctors, the Real Madrid player has jumped into the Munich Arena without the mask. The player has not found the best sensations with the mask, something that the French team is accusing, present in the semifinals without having scored a goal in play (Two own goals in favor and one from a penalty by Kylian himself)

The blow to the nose in Düsseldorf

The blow of Mbappé’s nose occurred in France’s first game in the group stage against Austria, which the French team won with a Wöber own goal. It was the 86th minute when the forward hit defender Kevin Danso on the shoulder and fell to the grass in pain. Mbappé was taken to the hospital and x-rays diagnosed the break.


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