Tesla To Provide Over-The-Air Software Update To Over 8,000 Cars In China To Fix Rear Camera Issues

EV giant Tesla Inc TSLA will issue a software update to 8,700 vehicles in China which may have issues with displaying reversing images, thereby posing a safety hazard.

What Happened: According to the China State Administration for Market Regulation, Tesla will update software on a total of 1,071 imported Model S and X vehicles and 7,629 domestically produced Model 3 sedans.

These vehicles may have an unstable rear camera integrated circuit communication owing to software issues, thereby resulting in an inability to display reversing images, the market regulator said.

The company will fix the issue via an over-the-air update, for which drivers will not have to visit a store. For vehicles that cannot be reached via an OTA update, however, Tesla will contact them via their service centers and upgrade software, the regulator said.

The state regulator further advised drivers to update software as soon as possible to mitigate the risk circumstances.

Why It Matters: Late last month, Tesla issued a recall for nearly 200,000 of its vehicles in the U.S. citing the same issue and offered a fix via an OTA update. The recall in the Western nation covered Model S, X, and Y vehicles.

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