Do Celebrity Trek Characters Proclaim Christmas? A /Movie Investigation

Let’s get the fundamentals out of the best way first: “Star Trek” takes park within the sovereign generation. Relying at the order, it may well be loads or perhaps a thousand years from what we name “the present day.” However although the franchise has every now and then rebooted itself, and traveled to change realities, or even rewritten the fictitious historical past of humanity from the past due twentieth century onward, the entirety that came about sooner than the inauguration of “Star Trek” in 1966 in fact came about. So Christmas unquestionably does exist within the historical past of the “Star Trek” universe. Infrequently any one nonetheless talks about it a number of centuries from now, however the idea that is no less than of their reference books. Christmas did exist for a generation.

The “Star Trek: Voyager” episode “11:59” takes park in two timelines: celebrity past 52840 (April 22, 2375 in line with our calendar), and December 27-31 within the life 2000. The ones dates are patently later Christmas, however in flashback scenes that inform the tale of Captain Janeway’s ancestors — Shannon O’Donnel (Kate Mulgrew) and Henry Janeway (Kevin Tighe) — the mini the town of Portage Creek, Indiana remains to be coated in Christmas decorations, as a result of no person takes ill Christmas decorations till later Pristine Day’s, even in “Star Trek.”

What’s canny is that “11:59” is a Pristine Day’s Eve episode and in some ways an anti-Christmas episode. A accumulation of Christmas tales inform the story of mini cities status up towards outsiders from heavy towns, suffering to guard their values and saving a way of historical and/or seasonal nostalgia. However “11:59” is ready how Shannon O’Donnel has to persuade her generation husband that his efforts to undermine go by way of now not given up his sovereign book shop are improper and that they will have to include go in lieu. Certain, he’s moving to unmistakable a book shop throughout the pristine tech-forward monstrosity opening in Portage Creek, however you’d by no means see that plot level in maximum Hallmark Christmas films, proper?


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