Field Administrative center: Lisa Frankenstein Lurches Into Theaters With Torpid $4 Million Opening Weekend

This looks as if the beginning of a ordinary tale for screenwriter Diablo Cody. Her endmost horror-comedy had a in a similar fashion penniless get started on the field place of work, failing to crack even via the top of its run, and to this presen holds a ranking of simply 46% on Rotten Tomatoes. Then again, “Jennifer’s Body” has since undergone a fierce reappraisal as reminiscences of the unpleasant, deceptive advertising and marketing marketing campaign directed at sexy youth boys pale, and crowd were given to grips with the film that Cody if truth be told made. 

“Seeing ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ used as a marketing tool is the funniest thing the world to me,” Cody advised Empire album in a contemporary interview, referencing the “Lisa Frankenstein” trailer’s name-dropping of the 2009 movie. “It was such a spectacular failure at the time. If you had told me then that it would be used to market something I wrote in the future, I would have said, ‘Why? Why wouldn’t you bury that information?'” 

However many motion pictures for youth weirdos that are actually regarded as classics had been as soon as bulky field place of work losers, from “Heathers” (which grossed simply $1.1 million) to “Donnie Darko” (which made most effective $517,375 in its preliminary run). It’s nearly a ceremony of passage. Most likely “Lisa Frankenstein” will to find unused hour, and a unused target audience, when it ultimately makes its solution to streaming.


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