Frasier’s Anthony LaPaglia Questions If There’s A Playground For Simon Moon In The Reboot

In season 7, episode 22 of “Frasier,” we had been offered to Daphne’s brother, Simon Moon. Performed by means of Australian actor Anthony LaPaglia, the hard-drinking Brit traveled to Seattle for his sister’s wedding ceremony, shacking up with Frasier and his father and inflicting untold chaos within the procedure. Simon would display up a number of extra instances all through the display’s run, changing into a routine personality proper up till the 2004 two-part form finale “Goodnight, Seattle: Part 1.”

Up to now, LaPaglia hasn’t been within the dialog climate the reboot display. Now, alternatively, the 64-year-old has inserted himself into the discourse by means of telling Fox Information that he’d be thrilled to go back. The actor stated:

“I would do it in a heartbeat. But I’m pretty sure that I’m not in the architecture of the new [series]. I think the new one will be slightly different. John Mahoney is not there, and I don’t think David Hyde Pierce is in it either. I don’t know what form it’s taking, but I’m perfectly happy with what I did. It was great fun at the time. And sometimes revisiting things could spoil that memory. I hope it does well. I certainly want to know how it all unfolds.”

It must be famous that John Mahoney is certainly, now not there, however that’s for the reason that guy passed on to the great beyond in 2018. The “Frasier” revival opened with a touching homage to the past due Martin actor, later whom the bar within the pristine form — Mahoney’s — used to be named. In the meantime, it sort of feels LaPaglia is eager to go back as Simon Moon, presen extra wary plenty to echo David Hyde Pierce’s personal reservations about returning when he advised Vulture, “I don’t have a strong feeling that there’s anything more that I can think of that I need to say about [Niles].”


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