How A Cylon From Battlestar Galactica Ended Up In The A-Crew’s Opening Credit

Because it seems, the Cylon’s look within the “A-Team” opening credit used to be all because of Benedict, who performed Arthur Templeton “Faceman” Peck within the sequence. In line with an interview Benedict gave in 2012, the actor first of all supposed the crossover to be a one-off within shaggy dog story. He defined:

“I take full responsibility, full credit for that. We were actually shooting at – we didn’t, the A-Team was never filmed at a studio, but occasionally we’re at Universal because it was a Universal show. We were always out on location, but this one episode we shot on the lot, and we were shooting there, and there was a Cylon just walking by from the tour that they do, and I saw him and I went to the director I said, ‘Oh, oh, oh! Before we — at the beginning of this next scene, just have that Cylon walk in front of me.’ ‘Oh, well, why?’ I said, ‘No, just, I got an idea.’ What I did, you know, just looked at him like, ‘Don’t I know you?’ Just, then we went on with the scene, just as a joke for dailies.”

In fact, the minute “joke” Benedict staged ended up tickling the makers of “The A-Team” plenty that they determined to place the date within the opening credit, the use of the clip as a part of Benedict’s starring name card montage.


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