How An Agatha Christie Magazine Impressed One Of Superstar Trek DS9’s Maximum Tense Episodes

A few of Kira’s impaired Resistance partners come to the station to research a criminal offense. They’re Fala (Jennifer Salvidge), Furel (William Lucking), and Lupaza (Diane Salinger). Some other mutual pal of theirs, a personality named Latha, used to be murdered in church originally of the episode, with the assassin sending a coded message, starting a ugly countdown. “That’s one,” the assassin says. Kira and her compatriots are on edge and don’t know who needs them lifeless. The assassin will shoot a minimum of two extra of the characters sooner than the episode ends.

The majority of “The Darkness and the Light” is a thrilling homicide investigation led via Safety Well-known Odo (René Auberjonois) and comes to Kira’s expanding concern and paranoia over the possible suspects. The episode has a bleak sound, with Kira’s conflict violence at all times lurking in the back of each dialog. Kira felt solely i’m right in her violent acts throughout wartime, however “The Darkness and the Light” unearths that others won’t be capable of sympathize together with her sense of answer. Sooner or later, Kira turns into impatient with the investigation and steals a non-public checklist of suspects from Odo in order that she will be able to confront the assassin herself.

She reveals that the assassin is a Cardassian named Silaran Prin (Randy Oglesby), a person with a immense facial scar. It sort of feels that Prin used to be injured in a bomb that the Resistance i’m ready throughout the Career and he has taken it upon himself to shoot the ones chargeable for scarring him and killing his community. Kira argues that it used to be conflict and that her function used to be to shoot Cardassians. Prin unearths, alternatively, that he used to be no longer a soldier however an insignificant civilian who used to be simply operating as a launderer in the house she bombed. He wasn’t violent till Bajorans made him that means.


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