Ryan O’Neal’s Funeral Attended By means of Most effective One Of His Youngsters

Ryan O’Neal continues to build headlines upcoming his dying, as 3 out of his 4 kids have been absent from his funeral!

Despite the fact that the Hollywood veteran gave up the ghost on December 8, his memorial carrier wasn’t held till not too long ago, with most effective one in all his sons, Patrick, in attendance. Era it remainder to be visible why the alternative wards may just no longer build the development, the entertainer’s 2d kid, Griffin, says he wasn’t invited.

Ryan O’Neal’s Son Griffin Claims He Used to be ‘Hated’ By means of His Overdue Father

The drama shape the O’Neal crowd has been happening for years, with the “Love Story” actor having a akin and rocky dating with a few of his kids. His eldest son, Griffin, specifically, has been vocal concerning the duo’s estrangement over his tough youth.

The daddy and son don’t seem to have resolved their variations prior to his dying, as Griffin claimed he was once avoided from the icon’s funeral. In line with him, he wasn’t invited as a result of his year feedback about his crowd’s lightless historical past.

The 59-year-old shared his misery with assets following the memorial carrier, noting his past due father gave up the ghost with out in the hunt for pardon. In his phrases:

“I wasn’t even invited to send him off. I’m the hated son who told the truth. Dark times in this family. Love means never having to say you’re sorry — and Ryan never did to anyone.”


Griffin isn’t the one one with a bone to pick out with Ryan over his funeral. The veteran actor was once buried later to his former lover, the past due actress Farrah Fawcett, in Los Angeles — On the other hand, her pals declare this motion disrespected her ultimate needs.

Fawcett’s friends, in step with Day by day Mail, claimed she needed to be cremated and feature her ashes returned to Texas. In lieu, Ryan left out her closing request and buried her in LA for his curved narrative. The past due entertainer’s College of Texas sweetheart lamented:

“She never wanted a burial or a monument where people could come gawk at her. Ryan created this narrative like it was this big love story.”

Ryan and Fawcett started their romance within the past due 70s and welcomed their son Redmond in 1985. They remained companions till 1997, when the actor was once stuck dishonest with the actress Leslie Stefanson.

Following their crack, the past due TV persona’s daughter, Tatum, accused him of abusing Fawcett. “He had a terrible temper and was very violent. He beat her up,” she claimed, however her revelation didn’t prevent Ryan from rekindling his dating with the actress in 2001.

Tatum, Griffin, and Redmond don’t seem to be most effective the kids who didn’t flip up for his or her father’s funeral but in addition the trio who’ve referred to as out a dead body for negatively impacting their lives.

Within The O’Neal Folk’s Rocky Courting

The “Paper Moon” actor sired 4 kids with 3 girls right through his generation. He welcomed his oldest bunch, Tatum and Griffin, along with his first spouse, Joanna Moore, next his 3rd, Patrick, along with his 2d spouse, Leigh Taylor-Younger. As said, his youngest kid, Redmond, spawned from his dating with Farrah Fawcett.

Ryan O'Neal's Death Certificate: Official Cause of Death Revealed

Era Ryan looked as if it would have a akin bond with Patrick, his rocky dating along with his used kids started of their youth. For many years, Tatum and Griffin have been estranged from the patriarch, along with his daughter linking their issues to the beginning of his romance with Fawcett.

“My dad doesn’t have any idea how horrendous his leaving was for us,” Tatum as soon as confessed to PEOPLE. She additionally accused her father of bodily and emotional abuse, claiming he uncovered her and Griffin to medicine. Her more youthful brother supported this narrative when he recalled his tumultuous year in 2015, announcing:

“My life has been a reign of drug and alcohol degradation. I had to self-medicate my entire life because there was pain everywhere. There were drugs everywhere in my family all day, every day. It was the ’60s and ’70s, and Tatum and I had a tough time.”

“My whole family has been absolutely destroyed to smithereens from drug addiction and alcoholism,” Griffin admitted. “The common denominator is drugs and alcohol and depression, and it’s a never-ending cycle. I had to walk away from all of it. I’m done.”

Excluding allegedly exposing his used children to medicine, Ryan was once arrested in 2007 for assaulting Griffin with a firearm. Era the past due actor claimed it was once self-defense, his son famous he was once attacked for seeking to assistance his more youthful brother Redmond get sober. 

Ryan’s youngest son, Redmond, has additionally struggled with substance abuse from a tender pace and blamed his habit on his well-known folks. In a single interview, he claimed it was once “not drugs that have been a problem; it’s the psychological trauma of my entire life — my whole life experiences have affected me the most.”


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