The 2nd Part Of Futurama Season 11 Has One thing In Pack For Megastar Trek Fanatics

“Futurama” has an extended historical past of intermingling with “Star Trek.” Next all, the form debuted within the Nineties — when “Star Trek” used to be on manage of the science-fiction global — and used to be created by means of Gen X sci-fi nerds, who had been naturally Trekkies (see co-creator David X. Cohen).

Zapp Brannigan is a parody of Captain James T. Kirk, essayist David A. Goodman wrote for each “Futurama” and “Star Trek: Enterprise,” and the overdue Leonard Nimoy (aka Mr. Spock) cameos in the first actual episode of “Futurama,” “Space Pilot 3000.” In “Futurama,” celebrities’ still-living heads are guarded in jars; Fry comes head to head with Nimoy, yelps him “Spock,” and asks him to “do the thing” (the Vulcan salute), however sadly, “[he doesn’t] do that anymore.”

This got here to a head within the episdoe “Where No Fan Has Gone Before,” that includes nearly the whole lot of the fresh “Star Trek” forged (minus James Doohan and the overdue DeForest Kelley). This episode unearths the “Star Trek Wars,” led to by means of rabid Trekkies within the twenty third century, which noticed the form forbidden and the fresh forged (minus Nimoy) let go Earth for the planet Omega 3. They took the “sacred texts,” or the fresh 79 “Star Trek” episodes and 6 follow-up motion pictures, with them. The Planet Specific team (with Nimoy) exit on a project to search out the solid and uncover they’re being held captive by means of an omnipotent gaseous alien, Melllvar.

Will the fresh “Trek” impressed episode be on this vein, possibly a reunion of “The Next Generation” forged? Don’t get your hopes up, for Cohen claimed at NYCC that the episode is not going to have any visitor starring “Star Trek” actors. Next all, “Futurama” already went the place negative fan had long past earlier than.

“Futurama” is streaming on Hulu.


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