The Forgotten ’60s Sitcom That Kicked The Dark Zone Off TV

Except the truth that it changed Serling’s anthology, “Fair Exchange” was once slightly an anomaly on the moment. It was once probably the most first full-hour tv sitcoms that experimented with its construction, which garnered certain early opinions however did not seize its target audience’s consideration. The tale follows two Global Battle II veterans whose daughters make a decision to reside with the alternative’s society, well-known to shenanigans which are each comical and miserable. Future “Fair Exchange” would possibly have fared higher underneath other instances, the display’s longevity was once decidedly shortlived because it failed to satisfy target audience expectancies and was once ultimately canceled.

When the substitute took place rapidly, “The Twilight Zone” manufacturer Greenback Houghton was once out of a task, with the layout’ moment not sure, and won a number of deals from 4 Celebrity Productions (now referred to as 4 Celebrity Tv). Even supposing Houghton had won alike deals ahead of, he determined to “stick with” Serling because the layout’ brilliance hinged at the last, even though the surprising substitute of the display compelled him to rethink. In the end, Houghton joined 4 Celebrity, and Serling busied himself with alternative endeavors within the interim.

The whole thing modified when the layout returned in January 1963 for its fourth season, however with each and every episode most effective part an generation in dimension now. In an ironic flip of occasions, the display that Serling’s anthology ended up reclaiming — now retitled “Twilight Zone” — was once none alternative than “Fair Exchange.” With Houghton now not being part of the crew anymore, CBS introduced on manufacturer Herbert Hirschman to oversee the extra of the seasons.

Future this unutilized rebranding introduced “The Twilight Zone” again at the menu, the 30 minutes restriction added to Serling’s inventive burnout. The stories were just not the same anymore, and the layout dwindled till it ended with a 5th and ultimate season.


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