The Handiest Main Actors Nonetheless Alive From Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Right here’s a cameo you’ll have ignored: Dan Aykroyd performs Weber, the mustachioed British officer who secures Indy, Willie, and Shorty spots on a airplane flight out of Shanghai (sadly, it’s owned by way of Lao Che).

Aykroyd, probably the most debut solid contributors on “Saturday Night Live,” had in the past seemed in Spielberg’s Global Struggle II comedy “1941.” He had two career-defining roles within the Nineteen Eighties; “The Blues Brothers,” performing along the past due John Belushi, and Dr. Ray Stantz in “Ghostbusters” (plus its lesser-regarded sequel). This was once an incredibly private position for Aykroyd, who believes within the occult. That mentioned, Ray is essentially the most hapless Ghostbuster (he by chance summons the vast Keep Puft Marshmallow guy within the climax), in comparison to the sarcastic Peter Venkman (Invoice Murray), brainy Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis), and dealing stiff Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson).

Aykroyd was once nominated for Highest Supporting Actor for “Driving Mrs. Daisy” in 1989, however his makes an attempt to turn out to be a director have been stifled by way of the failure of 1991’s “Nothing But Trouble.” That mentioned, he’s nonetheless saved busy, even out of doors of performing; he co-founded the Space of Blues venue chain.

Like “Indiana Jones,” “Ghostbusters” is a kind of Nineteen Eighties cultural artifacts the youngsters who grew up on it will possibly’t drop of, so we’ll be visible Aykroyd play games Ray all over again in this year’s “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.”


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