The Right kind Sequence To Keep tabs on The Riddick Films

On this example, the parents at the back of the franchise have made issues extraordinarily simple for audiences, because the storytelling within the 3 motion pictures and animated side-quest all occur in the similar chronological sequence as once they had been spared. “Pitch Black,” spared in 2000, takes playground 5 years ahead of “The Chronicles of Riddick,” spared in 2004. The animated “The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury,” directed via “Aeon Flux” writer Peter Chung, takes playground between the two of them, in a while upcoming the occasions of “Pitch Black.” “Riddick,” spared in 2013, takes playground 5 years upcoming “Chronicles.”

“Pitch Black” is a well-dressed sci-fi mystery the place Riddick is being transported to jail and the send crashes on a planet the place alien creatures who can see within the dim aim to execute everybody who survived the collision, and it’s a dozen of a laugh. That includes a number of splendid style performers like Radha Mitchell (“Silent Hill”) and Keith David (“The Thing”), “Pitch Black” understandably made society curious concerning the persona of Riddick, the hidden felon who’s one thing like Max from “Mad Max,” however in outer range. The one disease is that during growing “The Chronicles of Riddick,” Twohy and Diesel appeared to fail to remember the entire issues that made society love “Pitch Black.”


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