YouTuber Is helping Fracture Chilly Case Of A Lacking Individual From 2013

A contract videographer, YouTuber, and drone pilot helped police remedy the chilly case of a lacking individual from 2013.

James Hinkle, who has been following the case, helped in finding the remainder of a Missouri guy who went lacking 10 years in the past.

In keeping with a information shed, the Camden County Sheriff’s Workplace mentioned a feature proprietor in Southern Camden County used to be contacted by way of YouTuber James Hinkle in regards to the December 2013 disappearance of 59-year-old Donnie Erwin. Hinkle contacted the feature proprietor to go looking an branch of Southern Camden County as he believed there used to be a submerged automobile (belonging to Erwin) in a lake at the feature.

The feature proprietor and Hinkle later searched the branch in combination — on bedrock and by way of kayak — sooner than they came upon a automobile within the lake.

YouTube Influencer Is helping Clear up 10-Future-Used Chilly Case


“Deputies and detectives from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office as well as members of the Mid-County Fire Protection District Dive Team responded to the area and met with Mr. Hinkle and the property owner,” the clicking shed said.

“Divers searched the pond and verified the license plate on the submerged vehicle matched the plate on Mr. Erwin’s missing Hyundai,” the clicking shed said. “With assistance from Bledsoe’s Conoco, investigators recovered Mr. Erwin’s Hyundai Elantra from the pond and notified his family of the development.”

Police Uncover Human Residue In The Pool

The sheriff’s place of work mentioned government later returned to the lake over the weekend with cadaver canine as they performed a complete seek of the branch, the place they came upon the human remainder.

“Despite the length of time since Mr. Erwin’s disappearance, the cadaver dogs alerted to the presence of human remains in the pond. The dogs concentrated on one area near the center of the pond indicating that was the most likely location of the remains,” in line with the clicking shed.

Along with the human remainder, police discovered a man-made hip, in line with the person who Donnie Erwin had.

“While a forensic pathologist will have to examine the remains to determine for certain if they are indeed those of Mr. Erwin, investigators are confident the hip and remains belong to him,” the sheriff’s place of work said.

Donnie Erwin’s People Has Been Notified

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Donnie Erwin’s folk has been notified of the actual discovery.

“All of us at the Camden County Sheriff’s Office who have investigated this case for ten years are elated at the recovery and overjoyed with the closure we know this brings to the family. This development would not have been possible without the assistance of countless volunteers throughout the years. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all.”

Yvonne Erwin-Bowen, Erwin’s sister spoke out concerning the actual discovery, which used to be all because of YouTuber James Hinkle, who has been following the case for 10 years. “Wow, Brother. What a special Christmas this is,” she mentioned. “Even though you’re not with us, we know where you are now, and we can rejoice because of it.”

She added, “I love you brother, and I miss you terribly, but I know it was God’s will that brought you to us and I know you are no longer in pain. I love you very much and I will forever treasure the time I have had with you. You were the BEST big brother any little girl could have asked for!”


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