Carrum Fitness, Florida Most cancers Institute spouse to extend breast most cancers aid

Carrum Fitness, a virtual market for employers to buy bundled healthcare services and products, introduced it has partnered with Florida Most cancers Experts & Analysis Institute to do business in employers in Florida breast most cancers aid services and products.

Carrum Fitness do business in a value-based platform that permits self-funded employers to shop for uniqueness aid, specializing in surgical and most cancers aid. It supplies a virtual platform that provides sufferers get entry to to a aid specialist who guides them during the surgical procedure and employers a platform for navigating Carrum’s community. 

The San Francisco-based corporate’s Middle of Excellence community highlights what it considers to be high quality surgical facilities around the U.S. for sufferers and employers.

In the course of the partnership, sufferers with non-metastatic breast most cancers with employers using Carrum Fitness can get entry to two years of breast most cancers remedy at just about 100 FCS places, together with radiation, symptom control and chemotherapy. 

“FCS offers a unique patient experience in a community oncology setting, where patients benefit from all the resources and advanced treatment options they need close to home,” FCS president and managing doctor Dr. Lucio N. Gordan stated in a remark. “Through enhanced services, such as the availability of biosimilar drugs, innovative genetic testing capabilities, and access to clinical trials, patients at FCS are recipients of the best care in the state, the country, and even the world. We are delighted to welcome those affiliated with Carrum Health.”


San Francisco-based Carrum Fitness partnered with virtual musculoskeletal aid corporate Hinge Fitness in 2021, unveiling an end-to-end musculoskeletal providing that joined Hinge’s virtual MSK health center with Carrum’s Middle of Excellence platform. 

The corporate has garnered a lot investment over the presen couple of years, scoring $45 million in Line B investment in Would possibly and latter a $40 million Line A investment spherical two years prior. 

Latter pace, Carrum used to be added to employee-focused aid navigation and pharmacy advantages platform Rightway’s ecosystem partnership program, RightwayHub.

In September, the corporate introduced it joined the White Area-led Most cancers Moonshot CancerX initiative, uniting with cross-disciplinary stakeholders to power innovation in most cancers aid. 

“The real benefit and advantage and really exciting part about being part of the CancerX membership is we get access to and get to tap into and get to be part of this collective of really smart people who live, breathe and think about cancer care, from federal agencies to other digital health and tech startups like us, to providers and hospitals and community oncology, to, of course, patient advocacy groups and just thinking about being all at the same table, taking our collective ideas, perspectives, lessons learned and innovations,” Deirdre Saulet, marketplace vice chairman for oncology at Carrum Fitness, informed MobiHealthNews

“It’s just very exciting to be part of something that I think actually has the potential to make meaningful progress on these goals of decreasing cancer deaths and improving the lives and experiences of people dealing with cancer.”


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