Anti-corruption agenda – other measures deserve (re)consideration

On June 20th, the Government presented an Anti-Corruption Agenda with 32 measures “which gathered broad consensus†, after “hearing all parliamentary groups, as well as public entities relevant to prevention and combat to corruption and civil society organizations†, as can be read in the executive summary available. The commitment made by the Prime Minister in this matter during his inauguration speech is thus fulfilled. The summary also highlights that the Agenda was “drawn up based on the Government Program and in light of this dialogue†, which allowed the inclusion of other measures “pertinent and relevant to the intended purpose†.

The measures presented are to “begin immediately, without prejudice to others to be developed throughout the legislature, including the preparation and approval of a new National Anti-Corruption Strategy for the period 2025-2028, after due assessment of the results of the 2020-2024 Strategy†. We are, therefore, just at the beginning of a broader process of new policies in this field.

Below I highlight, from two different perspectives, several measures that were left out of the Agenda and could also generate consensus, and should be (re)analyzed for inclusion in new rounds of discussion.

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