Around 100 dead in rebel attack in Sudan, where almost 10 million people are displaced

Around 100 people died in a double attack with heavy artillery by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), which is fighting against the Sudanese army, on a village in central Sudan, an organization reported this Thursday. § local defense.

According to the local organization called the Resistance Committee, which manages mutual aid among the inhabitants, “confirmation of the number of dead and injured” is still being awaited in Wad al-Noura, a village in the state of al-Jazira, where paramilitaries “attacked the village twice” on Wednesday.

At the same time, the RSF paramilitaries also stated today, in a statement, that they had attacked three army camps in the same region of Wad al-Noura and had clashed with their rivals.

On social media, committee activists published images of what they described as a “mass grave” in a public square, with rows of white shrouds arranged in a courtyard.

The war in Sudan, which broke out in April 2023, has already caused more than 30,000 deaths, according to data from the Sudanese Medical Union.

An update from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), known this Thursday, indicates that there are already almost ten million people displaced due to the war, in what is already It is considered the worst internal displacement crisis in the world.

The United Nations agency reports that there are 9.9 million displaced people in 18 states across the country, including 7.1 million since the start of the conflict and 2.8 million previously displaced. More than half of these people are women and more than a quarter are children under the age of five.

“Imagine a town in the City of London being displaced. That’s what it looks like, but it happens with the constant threat of crossfire, starvation, disease and brutal violence based on ethnicity and gender,” he said, today, in a statement, the Director General of the IOM, Amy Pope, said that the humanitarian needs in the country ‘are enormous, serious and immediate’.

Pope further lamented that “only 19% of the requested funds have been delivered” and stressed that “unified international efforts are needed to prevent famine” in the country, from where more than two million people fled to Chad, Egypt and South Sudan.

The conflict in the country, with around 50 million inhabitants, has centered in recent weeks on the city of Al Fasher, capital of North Darfur, where around 800,000 civilians remain trapped in the midst of intense fighting between the army and the RSF, which imposed a siege on the city.

IOM Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Ozman Belbeisi, highlighted that “crucial roads leaving Al Fasher are blocked, preventing civilians from reaching safer areas and limiting the amount of food and other humanitarian aid entering the city”.

Yesterday’s attack in the Wad al-Noura region, denounced by the city’s Civil Resistance Committee, is already dubbed by the Sudanese news portal Sudan Tribune as “a massacre”.

The war broke out on April 15, 2023 due to strong disagreements over the process of integrating the paramilitary group – now declared a terrorist organization – into the armed forces, a situation that led to the derailment definitive transition that began in 2019 after the overthrow of the Omar Hassan al-Bashir regime.


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