Case of the twins: PJ searches the Ministry of Health and Santa Maria Hospital

The Judiciary Police (PJ) is carrying out searches at the Ministry of Health and Santa Maria Hospital, in Lisbon, this Thursday. At issue is the case of Portuguese-Brazilian twins with spinal muscular atrophy who were administered the drug Zolgensma in Portugal, avança a SIC Notícias e a CNN Portugal. The information was confirmed by Expresso by a source close to the process.

There are around 50 inspectors from the National Unit to Combat Corruption of the Judiciary Police, together with prosecutors from the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP) in Lisbon, which is to carry out the searches.

This may involve crimes of influence peddling, abuse of power and malfeasance, among others.

The main objective of these investigations is to collect documentation, files and emails from computers belonging to the Ministry of Health, the hospital and the State Department of Health, which was led at the time by Lacerda Sales, who will be one of the main targets in this operation.

The PJ searches take place on a day that would already be marked by the same case, with the start of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry. However, the work will only begin on June 17th, after Lacerda Sales declared that he had no agenda to be present on the originally scheduled date.


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