Circulation has been reestablished on the entire Green line of the Lisbon Metro

Circulation on the Lisbon Metro Green line has been fully restored since 10pm this Friday, after the “low-speed derailment” of a train carriage near the entrance to Alvalade station this morning £.

In a statement, the company explained that the “necessary work to clear the track at Alvalade station has finished, allowing the conditions to be met so that the start of circulation on the entirety of that line can still occur during today.”

“Metropolitano de Lisboa regrets the inconvenience that this situation may have caused to its customers and thanks them for their understanding”, he further highlighted.

Train circulation on the Yellow and Green lines had been interrupted since 7:48 am due to a fault in the signaling system, with the Yellow line reopening in its entirety at 10:02 am.

During the morning, a train carriage derailed at low speed near the entrance to Alvalade station, due to a disturbance in the normal functioning of a needle, in an incident that did not cause any injuries. .

Following the train stop, which took place two meters from Alvalade station, the approximately 500 passengers it was carrying had to be removed through the gallery.

In statements to journalists at the scene, José Marques, operations commander of the Sapadores Firefighter Regiment, said, at around 10am, that the station’s evacuation operation was completed. and all passengers abroad.

Metropolitano de Lisboa had also announced that it had opened an investigation to investigate the circumstances in which the incident occurred.

The Lisbon Metro operates daily with four lines: Yellow (Rato-Odivelas), Green (Telheiras-Cais do Sodré), Blue (Reboleira-Santa Apolónia) and Red (Airport-São Sebastião).

Normally, the metro runs between 6:30 am and 1 am.


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