Discover all the music at Primavera Sound Porto: the playlist with the 48 artists attending the festival

Primavera Sound Porto begins this Thursday, returning to Porto City Park until the early hours of Sunday.

This year, names like Lana Del Rey, Pulp, PJ Harvey, Mistki, SZA, American Football or The National, among others, will attend the festival. One absence will, however, be noted: that of Shellac, after the death of Steve Albini, with a planned listening party from his new album, “To All Trains†.

Portuguese music will also be well represented, with names such as Legendary Tigerman, MÃ QUINA., Ana Lua Caiano or Conjunto Corona. All concert times are known.

In this playlist you will find music from the 48 artists featured this year in Primavera Sound Porto: to review the ‘stuff’ or find out what’s new:

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