DJ Vibe: “On Wednesdays I didn’t have classes and had parties at home. When my parents arrived, they would raise the blind and say ‘it’s all over’”

DJ Vibe, who after decades of his career has just released his first album of originals, entitled “Frequências†, recalled on the Posto Emissor podcast the parties he threw when he was a teenager and which he started attending music for friends. “On Wednesdays I had parties at home for eight or ten people. There were no classes”.

“My parents would sometimes arrive earlier, immediately raise the blind and ‘everything is over, let’s go’: they would run with people,†recalls the DJ and producer, “I would go to the carpenter to have wood cut. and then go to the electrician to buy sockets. I made the light bars that then turned on the psychedelics that I placed under the sofas in the living room. There were no mixing tables: one record would finish, the other would be put on.”

Listen to the full answer after 52 minutes and 45 seconds:


Francesco Giganti

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