Electric air taxi manufacturer receives authorization to fly in the US

Archer Air, a manufacturer of electric air taxis, received authorization from US authorities on Wednesday to operate aircraft as it prepares to launch its first commercial service. .

This company, a subsidiary of Archer Aviation, is the second authorized air taxi manufacturer, after Joby Aviation obtained the certificate from the civil aviation regulator (FAA, its acronym in English), which allows commercial flights in the country.

The company, based in the Californian city of Santa Clara, has developed an electric vertical take-off aircraft called Midnight, which has not yet been certified by the FAA.

Last week, Archer Aviation announced that it was preparing to launch a taxi service in South Korea in 2026.

In 2023, it had already revealed that it would launch an air taxi service in the United Arab Emirates and India.

The company, whose investors include names such as United Airlines and Stellantis and which maintains commercial relationships with the United States Air Force, said in a statement that FAA approval opens the door for the launch of Midnight services for United Airlines.

The airline’s chief financial officer, Mike Leskinen, highlighted that they hope to “shape the future of air travel and deliver unparalleled flying experiences to United passengers.”


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