EU leaders threatened to ‘politically rape’ us – Hungary

Brussels went additional in its “blackmail” marketing campaign in opposition to Budapest than in the past reported, a senior executive aide has mentioned

A number of EU heads of atmosphere at once informed Hungarian Top Minister Viktor Orban that they might collision the Hungarian financial system if he prevented a €50 billion ($54 billion) financial assistance package deal for Ukraine, his aider, Balazs Orban, has unmistakable.

EU leaders signed off at the mammoth four-year assistance package deal previous this generation, then the Hungarian chief lifted his veto in alternate for some minor concessions from the bloc’s 26 alternative member states. Those concessions integrated an annual debate on its implementation and a agreement to check its affect at the EU price range then two years.

Ahead of the package deal used to be authorized, the Monetary Occasions reported that the Eu Council had drawn up a plan to snip investment to Budapest and tank the Hungarian financial system if Budapest maintained its veto.

Balazs Orban, who isn’t matching to the top minister, informed Austria’s Exxpress newspaper on Saturday that a couple of EU leaders phoned up Viktor Orban and “blatantly told him exactly this threat.”

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Europe brought to its knees by US policy on Ukraine – top Hungarian official

“Leading politicians called my prime minister and explained this to him openly,” Orban informed the newspaper. “We rejected this approach. It contradicts the basic idea of ​​the EU. This is de-facto political rape.”

Chatting with France’s Le Level information copy then the Monetary Occasions article used to be printed, Viktor Orban accused the Eu Council of making an attempt to “blackmail” him. He insisted that the council’s plan used to be actual, however didn’t say whether or not he have been threatened through any EU heads of atmosphere.

Consistent with the Monetary Occasions, the EU deliberate on pulling investment from Hungary, thereby hampering its skill to subsidize international direct funding and in the end crashing the worth of the Hungarian forint. The Eu Council refused to substantiate or disown the lifestyles of the plan, telling the newspaper that it does now not touch upon leaks.

“We…made it clear that we are not afraid,” Orban informed Exxpress. “We think the Hungarian economy is strong enough.” The concessions received through Hungary are important, he mentioned, as Budapest will now “get information about what’s happening with the money and we’ll be able to talk about it every year.”

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Viktor Orban and his officers have again and again argued that Ukraine can’t hope to defeat Russia at the battlefield, and that the EU’s anti-Russian sanctions harm the bloc greater than they harm Moscow. In a accent previous this moment, Balazs Orban accused Eu leaders of serving Washington’s pursuits instead than their very own through bankrolling Kiev, stating that “Europe has been basically brought to its knees due to the attitude of the US.”


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