European maps: Chega’s 308 falls, where IL beat Ventura, PS’s 167 victories over AD (and Livre ao Bloco’s achievements)

European election polls still pointed to a new sound result. But in the final stretch of the campaign, tempers cooled: they gave André Ventura’s party results between 12% and 16%. It wouldn’t be as good as the 18% in the legislative elections, it’s true, but it would allow André Ventura to elect 3 or 4 MEPs in his debut in these elections – in any case, a victory.

However, this Sunday’s result “It wasn’t that big of a victory.”the leader of Chega said late into the night, in a reaction that could be read as irony.

Looking at the numbers, comparing Chega’s results in the European elections with the March legislative onesit is possible a portrait of regression: despite maintaining third place (but this time with IL close by), it was below 10% and lost strength in all 308 municipalities in the country.

There are, however, some curious data to add (although adding the unknown of not knowing the behavior of voting in mobility):

  • The biggest drop it went from 29.25% to 12.33% in Castro Marim, in the Algarve (16 percentage points);
  • Of the ten municipalities where the percentage of votes fell the most, six are in the Algarve (Castro Marim, Vila Real de Santo António, Albufeira, Silves, Lagoa and Portimão);
  • Arrives loses more than 10 percentage points in 107 municipalitiesespecially in the regions where it was strongest: Algarve, Alentejo and Ribatejo;
  • The municipalities where Chega had the highest percentage of votes in the legislative elections (Elvas, Albufeira, Lagoa and Portimão) are, in fact, among the ten biggest drops in percentages;
  • Santa Cruz da Graciosa, Porto, Oeiras, Lisbon and Alcoutim are the five municipalities where the drop was less pronounced (differences of less than 4 pp). But in some of these municipalities – Santa Cruz da Graciosa and Porto, for example – Chega had had one of the lowest voting percentages in the legislatures.
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