Get ready: in these elections, it may take longer to submit your ballot, but that’s okay (seven questions about voting on mobility)

What is mobility voting?

The great novelty of the electoral act is the possibility that any voter will have to vote at the polling station wherever they want in the national territory, without prior registration. You dematerialized electoral rolls and digital will allow scrutineers to put aside the thick paper notebooks and, instead, simply insert the Citizen Card into a device and process the vote.

How does dematerialization work?

Dematerialized notebooks are an unprecedented mechanism in national elections. The process consists of transferring the records of all national voters from paper to a digital format, which allows polling stations spread across the country to confirm whether the voter is legally qualified to vote, and whether they have not yet voted at another polling station. . The data included in dematerialized notebooks is the same as that found in paper notebooks. In May, the MAI reported that “all voters who turn 18 years old up to and including election day” are included, with registration being suspended in the 60 days prior to the election. No, as is normal.

Through the Voter Portal, you can consult a kind of georeferenced traffic light system, where you will be able to see polling places where waiting times to vote are less than 15 minutes, less than 30 minutes or more than 30 minutes. Almost 14 thousand IT technicians from almost 20 thousand registeredto provide support to the polling stations, which implies a ratio of one technician per table.

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