Government proposes increase of 300 euros for police officers to be paid until 2026, meeting ends without agreement

This Tuesday, the Government proposed an increase of 300 euros in the PSP and GNR risk supplement, an amount to be paid in phases until 2026, increasing the supplement from the current 100 to 400 euros. Four unions abandoned negotiations and the meeting ended without an agreement, according to SIC Notícias.

“There was no agreement. It was a long marathon. There was a proposal from MAI that we did not follow,’ Bruno Pereira, spokesman for the platform of PSP unions and GNR associations, told journalists at the end of the meeting with the Minister of Administration. Internal. For the president of the National Union of Police Officers, the value presented by MAI “was half of what” the platform defended.

According to the proposal presented by the Minister of Internal Administration to the PSP unions and GNR associations, the 300 euros increase would be paid in three installments, 200 euros in July and the remainder at the beginning of 2025 and 2026, with an increase of 50 euros each year.

With this proposal, to which Lusa had access, the fixed part of the current supplement for service and risk in the security forces would go from 100 to 400 euros, maintaining the variable part of 20% of the base salary of GNR military and PSP police.

Initially, the Minister of Internal Administration, Margarida Blasco, began by meeting with the seven PSP unions, but at the end of the afternoon the five GNR associations joined the meeting, which reached to be interrupted on three occasions during the afternoon and early evening, according to RTP.

However, the Autonomous Police Union Association, which is not part of the platform of the PSP unions and GNR associations, and the Independent Union of Police Agents (SIAP) and the National Police Union (Sinapol ), who belong to the platform, abandoned negotiations because they did not agree with the proposal.

The president of SIAP, Carlos Torres, told journalists that “they abandoned the negotiations because the counterproposal that the minister presented is still too short.” According to Carlos Torres, this will be the last proposal presented by the Government.

“SIAP does not agree and if it does not agree, it cannot continue at the negotiating table”, he said, admitting forms of struggle in the future. Carlos Torres stressed that SIAP does not agree that “a security guard from the Judiciary Police earns more in mission supplements than a police officer from the PSP”.

The president of the National Police Union, Armando Ferreira, also told journalists that “the meetings are over for Sinapol”. Armando Ferreira explained that “there are no more meetings with the minister, even without an agreement”.

“We don’t know what the Government will decide now. The lives of some police officers cannot be worth more than other police officers. We cannot accept this value”, he said, adding that Sinapol asked for meetings with all parliamentary groups in order to find a legislative solution.

The minister continued to meet, in a meeting that began at around 5:30 pm, with four PSP unions and five GNR associations. This is the fourth proposal that the Minister of Internal Administration has presented to the PSP unions and GNR associations.

The platform made up of 11 PSP unions and GNR associations presented a counter-proposal to the Government, proposing that the supplement covering the risk increase by 300 euros this year and another 300 in 2025, rising from the current 100 to 700 euros.

The platform advocates that the 600 euros increase be paid in phases between this year and 2025.

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